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Are you considering divorce for one of these reasons?

Many people think that divorce is a result of infidelity, but the truth is that couples divorce for a myriad of reasons. In other words, if you are considering divorce, your reasons are probably just as valid as someone else's, even if your husband was not cheating on you. It could be as simple as the two of you just not loving each other anymore or you might have many very complicated reasons for wanting out of the marriage.

Just as each relationship is unique, so are no two divorces exactly like. The following are some of the most typical reasons people divorce.

You married for the wrong reasons

This is a very common reason why couples divorce. If you said "I do" because you wanted financial security or perhaps because you were afraid to back out at the last minute, you probably got married for the wrong reasons.

No separate identity

Part of a healthy and lasting relationship is each person maintaining an identity and life outside of the marriage. This does not mean having a separate family that your spouse does not know about, but having interests, likes and dislikes that you may not share with your partner.


This probably does not surprise you, but many couples also divorce over financial matters. Usually, it is due to each partner having separate and conflicting ways of managing money. For example, if you are a saver and your husband spends money faster than he makes it, then you could be headed for divorce.

No conflict resolution

Working through disagreements is part of being in a relationship. If you and your spouse cannot effectively communicate and work through basic or major conflicts, then you might be calling a divorce attorney sooner rather than later.

Your priorities do not line up

Another part of a successful relationship is working toward shared goals and having similar priorities. For example, if you want to work toward remodeling your home in Washington D.C. and your husband is more focused on his fantasy football league, then your priorities probably do not line up.

The above situations apply to many couples, not only in D.C., but all over the country. No matter why you are considering divorce, your reasons for doing so are valid in regard to your relationship.

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