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Trusted by families in the DC metro area since 1978, the law office of Joel W. Anders in Washington D.C. advises married individuals regarding the process of creating and formalizing postnuptial agreements. Unlike a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement is signed by couples who have already wed. These documents can be powerful tools to recognize and consider the needs of each partner in the marriage as an individual. Whether your wedding was months or years ago, we will work diligently to prepare a postnuptial agreement that fits your circumstances and needs.

Established law firm creates plans for marital asset and debt management

Some married people go into panic mode upon hearing their partner utter the term postnuptial agreement, fearing that it is a precursor to divorce. Fortunately, there are many reasons why a person may want to enter into a postnuptial agreement without having any intention of seeking a divorce. Among the reasons our clients decide to prepare these agreements are:

  • Children from previous marriages — A married person may use a postnuptial agreement to see that provisions are in place to provide financial support to a child from a previous relationship.
  • Separating financial liabilities — A married couple may agree that one spouse’s risky financial investment should be his or hers alone to bear, or that debt for continued education, business expenses or other large purchases should be an individual burden.
  • Retirement accounts — Building and growing a pension or retirement account is a critical element to safeguard one’s long-term well-being. A postnuptial agreement may clarify that each spouse’s retirement account is theirs alone, or that it may be used to pay for marital expenses.
  • Inheritance — A spouse who is set to receive a large inheritance might wish to use the money to benefit the marriage, such as by purchasing a family home, without giving up the security of knowing that the assets passed onto them will remain in their control.

Our firm’s attorney is informed on all matters of family law contracts, and is available to discuss the potential pros and cons of including different clauses in your postnuptial agreement.

Considerate attorney drafts documents to help spouses recommit to marriage

It is also not uncommon for couples to sign a postnuptial agreement after a major test of the marriage, such as if one spouse feels betrayed by the other’s actions in regard to financial management or personal behavior. A postnuptial agreement can help both spouses reaffirm their commitment to the marriage under terms that respect the needs and concerns of each partner. Postnuptial agreements can be highly personal, but it is important to know that they cannot set terms for child support or child custody in the event of a divorce.

No matter your reason for wanting a postnuptial agreement, our office is prepared to advise you on how to protect yourself and your family.

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