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Since 1978, residents of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area have turned to the law office of Joel W. Anders when faced with the life-altering challenge of divorce. Located in downtown Washington D.C., our office guides clients while negotiating property division agreements and seeking appropriate equitable distribution orders in court. With a demonstrated commitment to professionalism, we pursue cost-efficient and timely solutions designed to help each client obtain the assets and peace of mind needed to move forward with confidence.

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Marital property refers to assets that you and/or your spouse acquired during the marriage, including earned wages and purchases. Nonmarital, or separate, property covers assets that either spouse owned prior to being wed, or acquired during the marriage as an individual gift or inheritance.

Each spouse typically keeps their own non-marital property in a divorce. Courts in Washington D.C. and Maryland use the equitable distribution rule to allocate marital property between divorcing spouses. Though a court may decide that it is equitable to assign half of the estate value to each spouse, the judge also has the power to give one spouse more than the other. Courts consider several factors before deciding what is equitable. Each spouse’s income, employability and contributions to the family home are among these factors.

Debts are also classified as marital or non-marital. An equitable division of debt may result in each spouse assuming half the debt accrued during the marriage. However, if the debt is largely due to the actions of one spouse, a court may find it appropriate to assign debt responsibilities to that spouse while sparing the other. This may happen, for example, if one spouse loses money to a gambling problem or a risky investment that was hidden from the other spouse.

If you and your ex do not present the court with a plan to divide your shared assets and debt, the court will create an order after reviewing the pertinent circumstances. Our firm has extensive experience negotiating property division agreements outside of court. We are prepared to assist with the intricacies of dividing all types of assets, including retirement accounts and property purchased with a mix of marital and nonmarital funds.

Accomplished attorney searches for missing funds and hidden accounts

It is impossible to achieve an equitable distribution of property when you’re unable to locate property that belongs to the marital estate. If you suspect that your spouse is making inaccurate claims about the value of your marital assets or debts, promptly bring your concerns to an attorney.

We help our clients uncover marital assets stashed away in common hiding places such as:

  • Real estate — A person may purchase property with cash, or through a business entity or other third party, to store their money in real estate without putting their name on the asset.
  • Businesses — Business accounts can be manipulated to exaggerate losses or misrepresent the market value of assets.
  • Offshore accounts — Establishing an offshore accounts is not hard to do. Our firm will investigate the possibility that your ex moved money overseas to evade financial disclosure.
  • High-value items — Some divorcing spouses seek to reduce the amount of money in bank accounts by purchasing high-value items such as artwork, antiques or jewelry, and then hiding those items so they cannot be appraised.
  • Friends and family — In preparation for the end of a relationship, a person may ask a trusted confidant to hold onto cash or other assets until a divorce is finalized.

With the goal of bringing all marital assets to light, our staff conducts thorough research into how your spouse may have cheated the rules of equitable property division.

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