Dedicated Representation in Civil Matters

While criminal cases involve accusations and crimes, civil matters are often based on money and damages. When legal wrongs occur, it may be possible to engage in civil litigation to right the wrong. Before determining the best course of action, it is wise to have your case evaluated by an experienced civil litigation lawyer.

At the office of Joel W. Anders, we are highly skilled in the area of civil litigation. Serving clients in the Washington, D.C. and surrounding Maryland communities, we strive to reach resolutions to major civil cases that benefit our clients while minimizing the additional impact that the outcome may have on their lives.


Any legal dispute that is not handled in criminal court is a civil matter. Our firm handles a wide variety of major civil litigation issues on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants on either side of a case, from personal injury cases and contract disputes to probate litigation and real estate law. We focus our attention on high-asset cases, when damages are extensive and recoveries are of large value to our clients.


The term litigation often creates thoughts of lawyers, judges, juries and courtrooms. While litigation does sometimes progress to court, issues can frequently be resolved outside of court. In some situations, we may not even need to file an official lawsuit. Many cases begin with a letter stating the situation, the violation that occurred and what we are hoping to achieve. Negotiations can follow, with both sides working to settle the matter before it escalates too much. Attorney Joel W. Anders has four decades of experience handling civil litigation cases and uses his vast insight to provide clients with a straightforward assessment of their cases.

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