Defending Against Theft Offense Charges

When you have been charged with a theft crime, which is essentially stealing from another through deceitful means, you likely have many questions. Will I go to jail? How will the charge impact my life? Will my family and friends find out? For answers you can trust, contact an experienced defense lawyer.

At the law office of Joel W. Anders, we represent clients charged with a range of theft crimes, including shoplifting and credit card theft. We diligently investigate, prepare and argue a wide range of criminal defense matters for clients in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding Maryland communities.

Major Penalties For 'Minor' Crimes

Shoplifting, or retail theft, is a common charge among both minors and adults. Frequently, distracted shoppers accidentally forget to pay for items after trying on clothing in a dressing room or mistakenly leave a store with unpaid merchandise in a shopping cart, resulting in a shoplifting allegation. Although these incidents may appear minor, conviction for any theft crime will have permanent negative consequences.

Theft crimes are classified as crimes of moral turpitude. In addition to facing time behind bars and other immediate penalties, a theft conviction on your criminal record will limit your employment opportunities. It will render you unable to enter certain schools. A conviction can also impact your immigration status.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Joel W. Anders will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your criminal defense case. Taking into consideration your criminal history, the financial amount involved in the alleged theft and the potential for restitution, he will seek to either negotiate a plea on your behalf or fight your case in the courtroom. Our goal is to minimize the negative impact of the charge on your life.

Charged With Theft? Fight Back With A Skilled Lawyer.

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