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Where should I file my divorce?

Imagine you got married in New York, but now you live in Washington, D.C. Depending where you lived when you got married, and where you live now, it could be confusing to know where you should file for your divorce.

Can I adopt a child?

Local, state and federal governments try to organize the adoption process so that any adult -- who will potentially make a great parent -- can bring a child into his or her home.

Gray divorces near retirement can create serious financial strain

Divorce is incredibly common these days. There was a time, no so long ago, when divorce was largely relegated to younger couples. These days, however, it is much more common for older couples to divorce, even after years of marriage. There are many factors that can contribute to later in life divorces, such as empty nest issues, the pressure of re-learning one another after retirement or just growing apart over the years. Some studies indicate that both spouses retiring can increase the chance of divorce.

How to get what you want out of your divorce

If you are headed down a one-way road toward divorce, you might be preparing yourself to take a firm stand on certain things. For example, perhaps you are dead set on keeping the Washington D.C. townhouse or 100 percent of the retirement account. Instead of focusing on the big picture, you might be focusing in on a few things that you consider to be non-negotiable.

The complex process of asset division in Washington D.C. divorces

No matter how prepared you may think you are, going through a divorce is usually a difficult process. You can take certain steps to protect and prepare yourself financially, as well as steps to mitigate the emotional and social fallout of divorce on yourself and your children. However, you will probably still experience a lot of strong feelings and a series of unexpected complications during the divorce process.

Blac Chyna’s child support reminds us the role social media plays

Divorce isn't easy in the best of situations. When you're in the public eye, however, there's a lot of temptation to take your private drama and make it public. Since the advent of social media, doing so has become even easier. Celebrities no longer need a journalist to filter their stories. They can make them available to fans directly. Sometimes, this helps their cases. Other times, it hurts them. Social media, as well as overall familial wealth, likely played a big part in the child support decision between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Can young children thrive in joint custody?

A study out of Sweden recently dug into what was best for kids after divorce: sole custody with one parent or joint custody with both. The study focused on younger children, ranging in age from three to five years. Researchers were inspired by the contention from child experts that young children did not fare well in joint custody situations.

Three lessons about child custody from Jon & Kate

Jon and Kate Gosselin are famous for their reality television stint in the early 2000s on a show called “Jon and Kate plus 8.” The couple split in 2009, but conflicts over how the couple would split time with their famous children continue. The most recent conflict involved a heated discussion that led to police involvement.

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