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Celebrity divorces: Don't fall into the trap that media shows you

You and your spouse are well off, but you're not celebrities. You have a lot of assets, but you also don't want to lose them fighting over how to share them.

When you look at the media, you see people fighting tooth and nail for exactly what they want in divorce. You see people having largely frustrating and drawn-out divorces. Does that have to mean your divorce is the same way? No, it doesn't.

What can you learn from celebrity divorces?

Lots of things. Celebrities have money to blow, and that means that they can take years to go through their divorces. They might fight over the smallest things or come up with unique ways to handle custody arrangements.

It should be clear now that many celebrity marriages aren't built to last. Some celebrities get married almost as soon as they meet and date another one. Some do it as a media ploy, helping them boost their interest and engage an audience. Others have the best intentions, but the stress of varied schedules and hectic lifestyles weighs on the marriage.

So, how do celebrities handle divorce?

Many do one thing right, and that's to have a prenuptial agreement. While some big names, like Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammar, lost millions to their ex-spouses, you can prevent losing an unfair amount by working out a prenuptial agreement before marriage. If you're already married, a post-nuptial agreement has the same effect.

Something else that some celebrities do is talk badly about their exes in public. It makes for a good show and good media, but it's actually not a good idea to build bad blood between parties. If you have something bad to say about your ex, wait until you've negotiated and signed your paperwork, so you can move on more quickly.

Finally, don't put your children in the middle. If the court assigns a certain custody schedule, stick to it (unless there is a very good reason not to, like abuse or threats). Not adhering to the court's ruling is a good way to get into trouble with the law, and it could backfire on you in the future.

Overall, celebrities are people just like you, but with higher-profile cases, there's more that they may do to draw attention. It's smarter to be fair and to be willing to negotiate. Stay quiet and protect yourself, so you can move on sooner.

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