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5 signs that your marriage is coming to a close

If your marriage has been on the rocks for some time, you are probably well aware of this fact. However, there is a difference between having marital challenges and having a marriage that's ready for divorce.

In some cases, overcoming challenges brings us closer to our spouses. In other cases, the challenges are far too difficult to overcome. It's therefore important that spouses in conflict learn to understand some of the hallmark signs that divorce is imminent versus the typical marital challenges that all spouses face -- and eventually -- learn to resolve.

5 signs of divorce you should never ignore

You're fantasizing about life without your spouse: If you find yourself fantasizing about divorce because you don't like your spouse anymore, then it's a good sign that divorce is a real possibility. It might seem obvious to anyone outside the situation, but someone who is tangled in a difficult relationship needs to be reminded: You should actually like your spouse if you plan to stay married.

You're not happy in your marriage: When there is more "negative" than "positive" in your marriage, you should seriously consider what's going on. Perhaps you can work through these problems. However, if the issues are insurmountable, there's no reason why you should keep suffering in a toxic situation.

You and your spouse have conflicting life philosophies: When your life philosophies conflict with one another, it's difficult to resolve marital problems because you will constantly push each other in counterproductive directions. This is not about either of you being right or wrong -- as everyone is entitled to have his or her own life philosophy. What it's actually about is getting realistic: Are you and your spouse ever going peacefully agree with one another so you can live in harmony?

One of you has arrived at a firm, impenetrable stance: If you have adopted an impenetrable perspective -- or if your spouse is adopting one -- there's no room for negotiation. Whatever the issue, it's clearly important for you or your spouse and if the issue can't be resolved, it could become a deal-breaker for your marriage.

You don't want to have sex anymore: It's common for the sexual appetite of two spouses to run dry. In some cases, both spouses are alright with this. However, this could also lead the spouses to fulfill their need for sexual intimacy outside of the relationship -- and that tends to bring most marriages to a swift and definite end.

What's the status of your marital relationship?

When the time is right for divorce, the metamorphosis required to become a single person again -- i.e., the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce -- is not an easy process to undergo. However, it will ultimately serve to benefit all the parties affected by the divorce.

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