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When do 50-50 parenting schedules work best?

A 50-50 parenting schedule works best for parents when both of them want to spend as much time with their children as possible. Modern family psychologists also agree that children benefit from spending equal time with both parents, and that a 50-50 parenting schedule where children spend equal time living in both parents homes can actually work quite well here in the Washington, D.C. area, and elsewhere.

That said, parents will want to take some time to consider their unique situations to determine if a 50-50 schedule is truly practical.

How to determine if a 50-50 parenting schedule is right for you

Generally, families for whom the 50-50 parenting schedule works well include families where:

  • The parents live close enough to one another that transferring their children from one house to the other is relatively easy and convenient.
  • The parents get along well enough with one another that they can communicate and make decisions without getting into arguments.
  • The children adapt easily to moving houses every week or even every few days.
  • The parents agree to place the needs of the children first in all circumstances.
  • Both parents want the 50/50 parenting schedule for themselves and their children and believe it is the best way to rear and care for their children.

Remember third-party child care time

Parents need to remember the third-party time when their children are at school, daycare or being cared for by someone other than the other parent. Failing to consider third-party time means that one parent may actually be spending more face-to-face time with the children depending on how the parents organize their visiting schedule. For example, if one parent always has the child on the weekends and the other parent does not, then the weekend parent could be spending more time with the child.

Are you ready to pinpoint your parenting schedule?

If you're ready to pinpoint your parenting schedule, you may want to consider whether the 50-50 schedule is right for you. You may also want to consider other parenting time options that could be more suitable to your family's needs, unique schedules and child rearing goals.

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