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How to get what you want out of your divorce

If you are headed down a one-way road toward divorce, you might be preparing yourself to take a firm stand on certain things. For example, perhaps you are dead set on keeping the Washington D.C. townhouse or 100 percent of the retirement account. Instead of focusing on the big picture, you might be focusing in on a few things that you consider to be non-negotiable.

Instead of taking a taking a firm position on certain items, keep in mind that your true goals will result from your divorce being financially secure. In order to do this, you may need to be more open to the options. To achieve a win with your divorce settlement, you will have to attempt to accomplish your most important goal (i.e. financial security) while only making the minimal compromises. This means letting some of the priorities lower down the list take a hit. Read further to find out more about negotiating a beneficial divorce settlement.

Creative thinking

When you are working out a divorce settlement, it is important to remember that are many options to consider. If you and your spouse cannot agree on all the terms of property division, explore various options. There is never just one solution when it comes to working out a settlement.


If you know what your goals are in terms of the divorce settlement, that does not necessarily mean that your spouse does. Ask questions and try to help your future ex understand what he wants as an outcome. If you know what he wants, it will help you find out more about where you might need to compromise and where you can be firm.

Open to consideration

Keep yourself open to consideration and be clear that you are doing so. For example, if your spouse makes a request that you are not sure about, such as not wanting to pay spousal support, you can let him know that you are willing to consider different options. He might be open to letting go of a larger portion of the marital property so that he does not have to make alimony payments.

Working through a divorce settlement can often be a difficult task. However, with some planning and strategic thinking, you can walk away with what you need to start your new life in a financially comfortable position.

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