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Divorce rates peak after summer, 3 tips to ease process for kids

It is not uncommon for couples to enjoy one last family summer together before filing for a divorce. In fact, a divorce after summer is so common the Huffington Post recently ran an article discussing the trend.

Potential reasons for spike in divorce rate after summer season ends: Reasons for the spike in post summer divorces vary. Some couples want to make lasting memories before moving on with the next stage of their lives. Others may hope that the structure of the school year will help provide children with some extra balance while the family structure goes through the transitions that come with divorce. 

Proactive steps in addition to adjusting the timing of the divorce can help children with the transition.

Three tips to ease the transition for the children: Children are resilient. This resilience combined with some proactive steps from parents can help to ease the transition into the new post-divorce family structure. Three examples that work for most families include:

  • Unite as parents. Yes, you are getting divorced. Yes, there are likely many reasons for the divorce. Even though you are no longer in a marital relationship with your former spouse, you remain in a parental relationship. As such, it is helpful to present a united front as parents. Do not blame each other for the divorce, especially in front of the children.
  • Remain consistent. A lack of certainty can cause problems for children. Avoid this by providing clear expectations. Children also thrive with stability. As such, it is often helpful to have answers to basic questions before telling the children that you are getting divorced. Questions like where they will live, whether they will get to stay in their same schools and if their extracurricular activities will be impacted by the divorce.
  • Reassurance. Children also need reassurance that the split is not their fault.

Preparing children mentally for the divorce is just one of the many issues that parents will face. Child custody and child support are two other legal issues that directly impact the children, while property division and spousal support will also require attention.

Parents are wise to seek legal counsel to help guide them through these issues. An attorney can help to better ensure the process is handled fairly and provide some peace of mind so you can focus your energies on your children. 

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