Caring For The Vulnerable

When a loved one becomes incapacitated due to advanced age, medical issues or senility, another individual may need to step in and ensure that his or her basic needs are met. In these cases, a compassionate attorney can be essential in helping family members make care decisions.

Lawyer Joel W. Anders works with families to create plans for dependents' health care, housing, meals, transportation and other concerns through the establishment of guardianships and conservatorships. Visit our office in Washington, D.C. or Maryland, for a free initial consultation regarding your probate court-related issue.

Establishing Guardianships And Conservatorships

When an adult becomes unable to fulfill his or her personal needs or manage finances, the court may appoint a guardian and a conservator for that person, who is then referred to as a ward. The guardian provides for the individual's day-to-day needs, while the conservator is allotted the power to control the ward's finances.

Our firm is adept at handling sensitive guardianship and conservatorship matters. We will:

  • File any necessary paperwork
  • Explain the expected duties
  • Help you comply with court rules

Rest assured, we will walk you and your family members through the necessary legal process to obtain the best care possible for your loved one.

Serving Washington, D.C. And The Surrounding Maryland Communities

We have 40 years of legal experience helping clients with guardianships and conservatorships. To learn more about how we help families with these matters, contact us online or call our office at 202-644-9609 to arrange a free initial consultation.