Handling The Administration And Litigation Of Estates

The time after the death of a loved one is often difficult. Family members are trying to come to terms with the loss, while facing the prospect of dealing with their loved one's estate. Probate, the process through which estates are evaluated and distributed, can be confusing.

At the office of Joel W. Adams, P.C., we strive to take the probate burden off of you. Our firm works closely with clients to address all probate administration and litigation issues so you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life. Handling cases in the Washington, D.C. and surrounding Maryland communities, we are dedicated to helping you with any issues that may arise, whether it involves wills or trusts of the estate, the guardianship or conservatorship of an individual, or a challenge being made to the will.

Probate And Estate Litigation

Sometimes the administration of an estate or probate of a will or trust is in dispute. Relatives may disagree about how assets should be distributed or the validity of a will. There may be accusations of duress or fraud. We can provide skilled and experienced probate and estate litigation representation. Attorney Joel Anders has 40 years of litigation experience and can help resolve your dispute in an efficient and timely manner.

Network Of Relationships

Our team has developed professional relationships with judges and colleagues in the legal community. Fostering these relationships can have a positive influence on a case, as others naturally tend to listen to people they respect and who have achieved a reputation over time for diligent and ethical client representation.

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