Helping To Establish Paternity

In the past several years, technological advances have made DNA testing easier and faster than ever. While it still takes time to get the results of a test, this process is physically painless. A simple cheek swab from a child and a potential father can either confirm or eliminate the familial connection.

If you are searching for help establishing paternity, turn to us. At Joel W. Anders, P.C., we are dedicated to helping family law clients in the Washington, D.C. and the surrounding Maryland communities with DNA tests to establish parentage. With 40 years of experience, our attorney, Joel W. Anders, can help you understand your rights regardless of the outcome of the test.

Why Is Paternity So Important?

Knowing who the father of a child is can ensure that the father's rights are preserved. Without clear, established paternity, a father may not have the access he should to his child and custody orders cannot be created. On the other side, without confirmed paternity, a mother may be unable to receive the child support she needs to help care for the child. Both sides can benefit when paternity is established.

After Paternity Is Established

Once the father is identified, child custody, visitation and child support orders that reflect the father's rights and responsibilities can be created. Though paternity does not constitute an automatic relationship, many fathers are more willing to create relationships with their children once any doubt of parentage has been removed.

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