Solid Defense Against Drug Crime Allegations

The District of Columbia and Maryland take drug crimes seriously. While penalties vary depending on the type and quantity of substance involved, as well as your criminal history, a conviction will leave a permanent stain on your criminal record. To fight the charge, you need a skilled defense lawyer.

At the law office of Joel W. Anders, we aggressively defend individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor drug crimes in state and federal courts. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, but we also possess vast litigation experience. Our firm represents clients throughout Washington, D.C. and the nearby Maryland communities.

Experienced Criminal Defense Litigator

With 40 years of experience as a criminal defense trial lawyer, attorney Joel W. Anders defends clients against a range of drug charges, including possession, distribution and possession with intent to distribute. Our office also represents clients charged with conspiracy, an indirect charge frequently connected to a drug offense. Whether your case involves cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, heroin, PCP or another illegal substance, we are prepared to defend you.

Fighting Drug Charges

When you retain our criminal defense services, we will conduct a thorough investigation. If there is evidence that law enforcement violated your Fourth Amendment rights, including failing to obtain a valid warrant or having probable cause, we will seek to have the illegally obtained evidence suppressed.

Know Your Rights. Protect Them.

The government vigorously prosecutes drug crimes. Ensure that your rights are protected by contacting us online or calling our office at 202-644-9609. We offer free initial consultations.