Criminal Defense In Domestic Violence Cases

When an argument between spouses or partners turns into a domestic assault charge, you face serious consequences. Conviction can lead to a jail or prison sentence. Further, whenever a potential employer or other individual performs a background check, the conviction will appear as a stain on your criminal record.

At the law offices of Joel W. Anders, we understand what is at stake in a domestic assault charge and aggressively defend accused clients in the Washington, D.C. and nearby Maryland communities. When you hire our firm to represent you, attorney Joel W. Anders will personally work with you to evaluate your situation and build a strong defense for your case.

Experienced Domestic Assault Defense

Domestic abuse can involve a number of actions, including:

When your spouse or partner calls 911 or the police to report domestic assault, a chain of events is set in motion. In the District of Columbia, you will automatically spend the night in jail. In Maryland, you will be immediately arraigned, though you may be released on bond. Your time in custody is predicated on the nature of the offense and the jurisdiction.

As your legal team, our goal is to reduce the impact of the charge on your life. We will examine the criminal defense case and build a defense tailored to your circumstances. If a false accusation was made or you acted in self-defense, we will use this information to counter the prosecution's claims.

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

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