Helping Clients Understand Civil Protective Orders And Restraining Orders

When an individual is accused of domestic violence, law enforcement will open an investigation to determine the validity of the accusations. The alleged victim may even seek a protective order or restraining order to prevent contact with the alleged offender. However, it is possible to fight these orders.

At the office of Joel W. Anders, P.C., our experienced legal team has an extensive understanding of domestic violence and abuse cases and can help you understand your rights. Our firm represents clients in the Washington, D.C. and surrounding Maryland communities. With 40 years of experience handling criminal defense matters, attorney Joel W. Anders is aggressive in pursuit of justice on your behalf.

Civil Protective Orders And Restraining Orders

Whether you are accused of threatening, harassing, annoying, molesting or interfering, these behaviors are the basis for different types of orders:

  • When families are involved, a civil protection order is issued.
  • When the alleged domestic abuse does not involve family members, the order issued is a restraining order.

We can help you understand the difference and what the type of order means for you.

When an alleged victim files an application for a restraining order or civil protection order, it is not always granted. There will be a hearing at which you can appear and argue your side. Our lawyer has experience attending hearings with clients and fighting protection and restraining orders.

Violating A Restraining Order

Violations of restraining and civil protection orders are serious. If you have been accused of violating an order or know you may be in violation of one, it is best to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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