Protecting The Rights Of Auto Accident Victims

An auto accident can happen in an instant and change a life forever. Some of the most serious accident injuries are the result of auto accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, truck wreck, motorcycle crash or any other type of accident involving a motor vehicle, seek our assistance immediately. The sooner you enlist the help of a car accident lawyer at our firm, the sooner we can start working on getting you full and fair compensation.

Evidence has to be preserved from accident sites and witness memories can fade. Now is the time to act. Call 202-644-9609 and schedule your free initial consultation today.

40 Years Of Legal Experience On Your Side

At the law office of Joel W. Anders, P.C., we are able to provide you with nearly four decades of legal experience. These are invaluable skills and knowledge from a seasoned personal injury attorney. Attorney Joel W. Anders is compassionate toward all his clients' needs and he will be aggressive in holding negligent parties responsible.

Handling Auto Accidents In Washington, D.C. And the surrounding maryland communities

We handle all types of auto accident cases, including those involving:

  • Car accidents
  • T-bone and rear-end collisions
  • Distracted driver accidents
  • Truck wrecks
  • SUV rollovers
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Semi, tractor-trailer and 18-wheeler wrecks
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

The financial and emotional costs from an auto accident injury can be very high and we are here to seek full and fair compensation on your behalf. Damages include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity as well as pain and suffering.

Especially with long-term care injuries such as paralysis, brain trauma, paraplegia or quadriplegia, the rehabilitation and lifetime care costs can run into millions. Let us take care of the legalities of your situation during what is already a very stressful time. We believe your No. 1 focus is to heal and help your family to move on. We can help you do that.

Contact Our Auto Accidents Attorney

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area or a surrounding Maryland community and have been involved in an auto accident, contact Joel W. Anders, P.C. You can also call our office at 202-644-9609 to schedule a free initial consultation.