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Can young children thrive in joint custody?

A study out of Sweden recently dug into what was best for kids after divorce: sole custody with one parent or joint custody with both. The study focused on younger children, ranging in age from three to five years. Researchers were inspired by the contention from child experts that young children did not fare well in joint custody situations.

These experts stated that young children needed “continuity and stability in their parent relations.” Yet the researchers noted that the practice of joint custody was growing. Was this shift doing young children harm?

Three lessons about child custody from Jon & Kate

Jon and Kate Gosselin are famous for their reality television stint in the early 2000s on a show called “Jon and Kate plus 8.” The couple split in 2009, but conflicts over how the couple would split time with their famous children continue. The most recent conflict involved a heated discussion that led to police involvement.

The discussion was over which parent should have custody of one of the children on a particular day. According to a report in the International Business Times, the conflict was referred to the country district attorney who reviewed the order and stated that it was “sufficiently vague” to cause the confusion. 

Divorce rates peak after summer, 3 tips to ease process for kids

It is not uncommon for couples to enjoy one last family summer together before filing for a divorce. In fact, a divorce after summer is so common the Huffington Post recently ran an article discussing the trend.

Potential reasons for spike in divorce rate after summer season ends: Reasons for the spike in post summer divorces vary. Some couples want to make lasting memories before moving on with the next stage of their lives. Others may hope that the structure of the school year will help provide children with some extra balance while the family structure goes through the transitions that come with divorce. 

What can Washington DC dads learn from the Dali paternity case?

Establishing paternity is not always an easy task. This was highlighted by the Dali paternity case, currently making its way through courts in Madrid. The case involves a woman that claims the famous surrealist painter was her father. In order to support these claims, she needs to undergo DNA testing.

There’s only one catch: Dali has been dead for almost three decades.

Get your finances in order before divorce with these 5 tips

The paperwork, the conversations, the meetings, the disagreements — navigating the early stages of a divorce can be exhausting. Although even amicable divorces take time and effort, there are some steps that can help reduce the headaches that can result during the property division portion of the divorce. Five specific steps that apply to most couples include:

  • Know what you have. Before asset division can take place, you must know what assets you have. These assets can include everything from savings accounts to real property, retirement assets, investment portfolios and business interests to works of art and jewelry. Gather this information, along with valuations for how much these assets are worth, to help better ensure a fair split
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